Best VPN For Mac – How To Protect Your Mac With A VPN

August 8, 2022by Ali Raza0

Best VPN for Mac

Mac is known as one of the best and safest devices that you can use today. It certainly has a lot of power under the hood. But why stop there? Make it even better and safer by adding a best VPN for Mac to the equation. With it, your Mac will become unstoppable online. And, any kind of content that you want to access will be yours in a second.

If that sounds interesting to you, just keep reading. We will soon explain what Mac VPN is, as well as what it can do.

Which Is The Best VPN For Mac?

Selecting a right VPN for Mac is not a simple task. As you might know, the VPN market is currently full of new providers because of the sudden increase in VPN popularity. Because of that, people who are not familiar with this technology can often subscribe to a really bad and faulty provider.

We can recommend several providers for you to choose from as well. These are all excellent VPNs that had best results during the tests, and any one of them will make your Mac safe. Those are:

We will now see what these providers have to offer, and in what aspects they are different from one another. Hopefully, it will help you out when it comes to choosing which one to go with.



IPVanish is one of the best VPN connection in the market. The developing team has done outstanding work to implement the service whose quality is right now almost unparalleled.

IPVanish is the only Top Tier VPN in the industry which amazingly enhance your privacy and security. Plus, IPVanish has designed a specific software for Mac for a great user experience.

IPVanish comes with a vast array of features to fully unleash the power of your Mac. Security is never an issue with IPVanish since the company offers you OpenVPN protocol with 256-bit encryption. Plus, the company has a strict no-logs policy that makes your data even safer.

You may be pleased to know that P2P and BitTorrent are fully supported giving you the possibility to download and share any content safely. Speed too is excellent, so if you are addicted to stream content, this is a perfect choice for you.

IPVanish has a 7-day hassle-free money back guarantee, which means that if within this time frame you change your mind for whatever reason, they will refund you. Even though IPVanish doesn’t have a free trial, the money back guarantee is a super safe way to test the service.

7-Day Hassle-Free Money Back Guarantee


Best VPN for Mac ExpressVPN

The first thing that you need to find is the provider with fast servers so that your Mac wouldn’t have to suffer from a slow connection. And if speed is what you need, then ExpressVPN is the best one for you.

Its speeds are excellent, and it also has servers in 94 different countries. That will make it easier for your data to travel since one of them is definitely somewhere in your vicinity.

High speeds are also very useful for online streaming. And ExpressVPN is also great to have if you are traveling and in need of protection for your Mac. Public networks are dangerous, and you can never know who do you share them with. That is why ExpressVPN has multiple security protocols, as well as strong 256-bit encryption that will protect you at all times.

It offers many other features, among which are 30 days of money back guarantee, as well as a constant customer support. Also, it puts no limits when it comes to speeds and bandwidth. It also keeps no logs of your activities, but it does keep some connection logs.

If you like to give ExpressVPN a try, here there is a fantastic opportunity to save 49% on the regular price. Only Anonymster users are offered a special 12+3 Free plan that will drop the price dramatically. Note that when you click the link below you will be redirected to the ExpressVPN website but you will see the offer only when you reach the checkout page.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Best VPN HideMyAss to hide IP

Next on the list is HideMyAss. This is a VPN with one of the largest server networks in the industry. It has some very affordable prices, and also one of the best customer support services around. You might also want to check its extremely well-organized FAQ if you run into any trouble.

However, having trouble with it is not very likely, since it has a very simple-to-use software. Its speeds are great as well, just like the encryption that it uses. It comes with a speed test tool also, and it keeps no logs, which is proof enough that this provider cares about its customers.

30-day Money Back Guarantee


Best VPN for Mac NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the most secure VPNs on this or any other lists. It proves that customer safety is their number one priority by introducing a rare feature, which is double encryption. Most other VPNs only use one encryption, and they manage to keep their users safe with that. Nord uses two of them at once, which means that nobody will ever get any data off your Mac’s connection.

Of course, this does have a slightly larger impact on your speed than usual, but it is well worth it, considering the protection. NordVPN’s customer service is also noteworthy, as well as the fact that it doesn’t keep any logs. It is also well known for supporting P2P traffic, which many VPNs refuse to do.

It works great with a majority of devices, and Mac is no exception. It offers servers in over 47 countries. This will make your Mac capable of unlocking any content under restriction. And of course, it also features a 30-day money back guarantee, just in case that you don’t like it.

If you want to save some bucks on your subscription you can take advantage of a 2-year plan super offer that will save you 72%.

Special Offer For Anonymster’s Readers


le vpn

This is one very secure provider as well, and it was made by a team of information security specialists. LeVPN has thousands of clients around the world, and it protects them with strong encryptions and several protocols. It also supports P2P traffic, which flows smoothly thanks to its high speeds.

Its organization is the first thing you will notice when you see its software, which is very easy to learn. Customer support is among the best ones, and they can help you in several different languages. It also offers a money return guarantee, and it can protect several devices at once.

You can find its servers in 114 countries, which is more than enough to help you bypass any sort of restrictions. Also, it has a unique feature, which is a combination of VPN and SmartDNS. It is called HybridVPN, and it will not only breach every blockade on the internet, but it will do it while looking like regular online traffic.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Using a VPN is important, not only for the protection of your device but also for the protection of your data. Many organizations, including your ISP, are very interested in obtaining it. Mac VPN is the only thing that can stand in their way, which is why you should get one as soon as you can.

What Is A VPN For Mac?

VPN is a type of online service that you can use to protect your connection while surfing the web. It protects you, keeps you anonymous, and on top of that, it allows you to bypass geo-restrictions.

It does that by employing three different security measures: protocols, encryption, and a server network.

With security protocols, it shields your data from prying eyes by forming a tunnel between your Mac and the Internet. Data will go through the tunnel, and nobody from the outside will know what you are doing on the internet.

Encryption is there as an extra security, in case that there is a breach, or that your data starts leaking from the tunnel. After getting the encryption, even if someone does collect your data, they won’t know what is it they have.

Finally, there are server networks. They are made of servers located all around the world. By connecting to one of them, you hide your original IP address and get a new one. All of your data gets recorded on the new one, while your original IP stays clear. Thanks to this method, you ISP will only see what you want them to see.

So basically, a Mac VPN is a special tool that you can use on your Mac to protect yourself online. This includes protection from ISP, hackers, malware, as well as the Government.

What Else Can Mac VPN Do?

Another thing that VPN can do came as a pleasant consequence of hiding your IP address. Namely, when you swap your IP with the one that the remote server provides you with, you get an IP that is local to the area where the server is at.

This is important because it allows you to access content that you otherwise could not. Many online services and websites limit their content to a certain area, like a specific country. If you are not from that country, the website will know, and it will ban you from accessing the content.

The website knows where you are from because that information is a part of an IP address. So, by hiding your real IP address, and using one from the server located in the area that has access to that content, you can actually trick the website. It will now think that you are a part of its legitimate audience, and you will easily get to the content that interests you.

This is a great news for all the TV lovers and movie addicts out there. With the right kind of VPN, your Mac will become a much wider window to the online world. Sports lovers will now easily watch any game of any sports. Even race or fighting fans will know that there is nothing out of their reach anymore.

VPN can also help during holiday getaways, and you can use them to buy tickets for planes, or reserve hotel rooms from different countries. This is useful because some countries get to pay a cheaper price for the same thing.

And if you are leaving your country, which is putting a geo-restriction on your favorite show, you can now watch it abroad as well. There is almost no limit what you can do, and all that time, you will know that you have the best protection for your Mac.

Are There Free VPNs For Mac?

Free VPNs for Mac are an option, yes. Now, the bad news is that you should try to avoid them. There are multiple reasons for this, but the most important one is security. Free service simply can’t provide protection equal to the premium service.

This is because they don’t get money from thousands of subscribers that seek their protection. The majority of the VPNs only rent the servers they use, which means that they have to pay for them. And if they do not get the money from you, they have to find it somewhere else. That is why they either bombard you with their sponsors’ ads, or they sell them your browsing data. Often, it is both.

Basically, you won’t get the security that you came for because of the flaws and faulty protection. Also, you won’t get the privacy that you came for because your data will still end up being collected and sold.

Other issues include a limit on your bandwidth and very slow speeds. The number of servers very rarely goes above 5 or 10, and there are no extra features like kill switches at all.

You have only one alternative, and that is to find a provider that offers a free package. Of course, that one will also have a lot of limits, and many users only try them out as a sort of free trial, to see if they like the provider. You can do that as well. Protection for your Mac will stay very limited, but at least you will know what you are getting into before you actually pay.

Those that don’t offer a free package often have money return guarantee. It doesn’t always last equally as long, but you can use it to go back on the deal without the penalty and get your money back.

How Safe Is A VPN For Mac?

The safety often depends on which provider you choose. All of them offer different things and different combinations in their packages. All VPNs have three things in common, and those are encryptions, protocols, and server networks. However, even this is not equal to each provider.

Best VPN for Mac 2

Some have slow servers, others have fast ones. The number varies from provider to provider as well. The strength of the encryption differs greatly too, and even the protocols that they offer.

Strong, capable providers will make you safe, but in order to find them, you will have to dig a bit. Or to try out those that we recommend. There are over 850 providers out there, and if you start checking them out one by one, you won’t find a good one in a long while.

Alternatively you can check the list of all the best VPN by usage that we manually selected for our readers.

What To Look For In A Best VPN For Mac?

There are a lot of things that you would ideally want as a part of your VPN for Mac. And many providers do their best to actually provide you with those particular features. Here are the most important things that your VPN must not only have, but also perfect:

Decent Server Network

VPN is only as useful as its server network. At least when it comes to providing you access to content under restriction. The more servers it has, the better, of course. But what is even more important is that it has servers in strategic places.

You need to have them in those countries that restrict their content, but also in those that do not enforce censorship to their own citizens. That way, with a simple server switch, you can access anything you want.

Good Speeds

VPN will slow your Mac by default when you use it. Depending on its speeds, it can slow you down a bit, or it can slow you down a lot.

The reason for this is that it applies encryption, and then it sends your data to the server of your choice. If it is far away, data will, naturally, need more time to get to it. Therefore, VPNs with good speeds will allow you to use your Mac for streaming, uploading, downloading, and even online gaming.

If you are a businessman who travels a lot and has online conferences, you need good speeds in order to make that work. Because of these reasons, speed is among the most important parts to consider.

Security and Privacy

All of the VPNs we recommended will provide you with the best security and privacy options. From the best encryptions to the best protocols, and following features that are there to assist the main ones.

For example, pretty much all of them use OpenVPN since is the best protocol to date. And whenever a VPN gives you an option to choose protocol by yourself, that is the one you should look for. That way, your Mac will have the ultimate safety tunnel for your data to flow through.

Also, their privacy policies are all very strict, and they won’t keep logs about your online activities. And since they don’t have anything about you, nobody can take it from them. Not even a court order can take something that is not there.

Other Features

Many VPNs have additional features that accompany the three main ones and help out. For example, there is a DNS leak protection, that will add an extra layer to the tunnel that protects your data. Then, there are kill switches, that will instantly cut your internet connection if the protection breaks down for some reason.

Many providers also include auto-connection, so that your Mac will stay safe as soon as it connects to the internet. Port forwarding, stealth mode, and similar features also help with bypassing firewalls and similar restrictions. As you can see, with a good provider, you will truly get a lot of extra security.

The Danger Of Public Networks

If you often have to connect to public networks with your Mac, you could be in danger. Public networks are often a breeding ground for hackers and malware. People will usually connect to any free internet when they have a chance, and hackers are counting on it. They also count on the weak security, which will allow them access without much of an effort.

Dangers of Public WiFi HotSpots (1)

That is why you should use Mac VPN whenever you have to connect to a public network. Your protection will keep you safe, of course, but it is still best to avoid such networks as much as possible,

Why You Should Use A Mac VPN In The US

If you value your privacy, then the current situation in the US will not sit well with you. Earlier this year, the US government gave their permission to ISPs to sell your browsing data without your consent. This was something that nobody expected, especially with the recent Net Neutrality’s issues.

And yet, the decision was brought, and the privacy policy was revoked. Now, every advertising company wants your data, and every ISP has permission to sell it to them. Not to mention that the US is a home to NSA, CIA, and similar agencies that just love getting new intel on anything and anyone.

For these reasons, it is more important than ever to use a good, strong VPN. You should use one wherever you are, but when it comes to the US, the situation is truly critical.

Vulnerabilities Of Sierra OS X

Mac On Sierra

Apple has recently released a new version of OS X, which got the name Sierra. However, it is not as safe as everyone expects. The biggest Sierra vulnerability is, in fact, a Keychain app. On the plus side, you can fix it, and you should definitely look up how.

But, even when you fix this, that does not mean that you will stay completely safe. Cyber criminals are getting more and more capable and imaginative. They are constantly finding new ways to breach security, and by the time you discover the breach, it is already too late.

How to Set Up VPN For Mac On Sierra

Since all of VPNs are very different from one another, so are those we recommended earlier in this article. The differences are not that big that you would not know how to deal with another one, but be warned that they do exist. With that in mind, we will use IPVanish to give you an example of how to set up a VPN on Sierra by yourself. Here is what you need to do:

  • First, you must choose which VPN you wish to use. After you do that, go to its website, subscribe, and get its app. Install the app, launch it, and log into it.
  • Now that you have your VPN app up and running, you should choose your protocol. Our recommendation is to use OpenVPN if possible. If not, the best alternative is L2TP/IPSec. If a VPN features a kill switch, enable it as well.
  • After you are done with settings modification, simply choose a server that you wish to connect to, and enjoy the open internet.

How To Set Up OpenVPN On Mac VPN

If you want to install OpenVPN via the third party, that is, of course, possible. Here is how you can do it:

  • Get the software by the name of Tunnelblick on your Mac. Then, go to your VPN’s website, and download configuration files for the OpenVPN.
  • Launch the file by double-clicking on it, and the installation will start
  • Launch Tunnelblick as well. If you don’t turn it off when you shut down your Mac, it will activate itself automatically when you next turn it on.
  • Tunnelblick will require user privileges, which is why it will ask you for username and password of the administrator. This will only happen when you run it for the first time, and it is necessary because it needs to change network settings in order for everything to work properly.

Unblock Content With A Mac VPN

Now that your VPN is completely set, all you need to do is go online and visit the websites that interest you. This process will unblock TV channels, radio stations, but also different apps that were not available in your area.

One example is the unblocking of the BBC’s streaming service by the name of BBC iPlayer. Usually, it is only available to those within the UK. If you are from somewhere else, and you connect to the server in the UK, you will get access to the iPlayer as well.

Watch Netflix USA With Your VPN For Mac

Even if Netflix is available in your country, chances are that you do not have access to its full library. Only US citizens have, which is why you should connect to a server in the US.

If you don’t have access to Netflix at all, this same process will grant it to you. It is a great help to those who love watching different shows, but can’t find them in one place.


Advantages that VPNs bring into internet users’ lives are slowly but surely becoming clear to everyone. Because of that, their popularity is growing, together with the awareness of online threats. It is not the happiest reason, but it is what it is.

With a VPN, you can access content under heavy restriction, and you can do it securely from the comfort of your own home. Best of all, your entire connection will get protection, and if you choose the right provider, that will also include torrenting.

Your online reach will increase exponentially, and you will wonder how you ever functioned without this tech. In this article, we also gave you instructions on how to set up the VPN on your Mac. Basically, by now, you should know everything that you need to know in order to protect yours and your family’s browsing sessions.

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