Best Netflix VPN services – 2022

August 9, 2022by Claudio R.4

The Netflix VPN services we recommend will provide you with the highest level of privacy and security available today, plus you get to enjoy all the movies and series that Netflix offers worldwide.

You may wonder;

  • What is Netflix VPN?
  • What’s the best VPN for Netflix?
  • How does Netflix detect VPN?
  • Why does Netflix block VPN?
  • How to get around Netflix VPN block?
  • Is there a way for streaming Netflix with VPN despite the block?
  • Can I use a free VPN to watch Netflix?

In this article, we cover all these topics and explain how to get full access to Netflix via VPN from all around the globe and more importantly, which is the best VPN for Netflix.

Which VPN Works with Netflix? The Best Netflix VPN Service – 2022

VPN (Virtual Private Networks) are now considered to be one of the most effective ways for individuals who want complete anonymity online. With so many services available, we will help you find the best Netflix VPN that suits your needs and budget.

Not all VPNs unblock Netflix. Many of them are banned by the streaming platform. Therefore, you need a Netflix VPN that is strong enough to bypass the restrictions. Moreover, if a VPN works with Netflix US, it will not necessarily work with Netflix UK, Germany or other countries

If you’re looking for something specific, just choose from our top choices below and we’ll show how they compare! We have identified the best Netflix VPN services that will suit your movie and TV show streaming needs.

The Best Netflix VPN – Top 4 (2022)

  Provider Details  
1 Best for Anonymity

✓  Starting from $2.62
✓ High-speed connection
✓ Double VPN
✓ Unblock Netflix
✓ 30-day money back guarantee
✗ Refund may take some time

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Offer Available !!

2 Best Value VPN

✓ Starting from $2.45
✓ 45-day money back guarantee
✓ No-logs
✓ Unlock Netflix, Hulu, Sky, YLE
✗ Slightly slower than competitors

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Offer 1-Year + 6 Months Free

3 Best All-Round

✓ Starting From $6.67
✓ Best overall performances
✓ Unblock Netflix
✓ Amazing customer service
✓ 30-day money back
✗ More expensive than competitors

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3 Months Free


✓ Starting from $3.29
Kill Switch
P2P, BitTorrent allowed
31-day Money Back Guarantee

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Black Friday Deal $1.32

What is A VPN Service ?

Think of a VPN as an invisible guard that protects you while browsing the internet. When connected to one, your data is encrypted and sent through its servers around the world—making it impossible for anyone else besides yourself to see what pages are being loaded or how much information was actually transmitted during any given session on-line. 

Not only does it let users bypass blocked sites and services like Netflix that require geographic location restrictions for viewing content on-demand, but also provides encryption so no matter what happens – whether someone hacks your system or an Intelligence agency surveillance team picks up traffic data while looking through their own phone line logs – everything remains secure as long as they don’t know how specific files were accessed by anyone else besides themselves.

The best Netflix VPN will allow you to change your IP address, so if streaming live sports or catching up on TV shows from around the globe is something that interests you then this service will be perfect for providing access.

Take a Look at the Top Best Netflix VPN Services of 2022

N.1 NordVPN

The best Netflix VPN service with the fastest security

  • Unblocks Netflix
  • Unlimited speed 
  • Accessible in 61 countries
  • Servers worldwide 5400+
  • Customer support 24/7
  • 30-day-money-back guarantee
  • Working on every device
Best Netflix VPN NordVPN

NordVPN employs practically unhackable double encryption technology. They apply military-grade encryption to your data twice. However, keep in mind that double encryption can lower your speeds and make content streaming slow. This is why it’s best to turn off double encryption when accessing Netflix with NordVPN.

They have over 5300 servers in 61 countries, provide lightning-fast speeds, and ensure there are no DNS leaks. Also, they have a strict no-logs policy so your browsing sessions remain truly anonymous.

We spoke to their customer service and they told us that NordVPN offers servers optimized for Netflix that do not require configuration by the client. We tested their services and found out that with this VPN you can unblock Netflix USA, Netflix UK, Netflix CA, Netflix NL, Netflix JP, and Netflix GR.

As we mentioned earlier, streaming Netflix using VPNs is a cat and mouse game. The servers that work today might be blocked tomorrow. This is why it’s important to talk to the VPN’s customer support before subscribing to their services. We recommend that you get in touch with their customer support to find out which of their servers work to unblock the service.

NordVPN has apps for all major platforms so you can enjoy superfast connectivity on all your devices. The apps run on system startup and come with several features. They offer a killswitch and DNS leak protection to ensure your details remain safe when you use the VPN and there are no data leaks.

NordVPN is available in 62 countries, allows up to six simultaneous logins, and offers dedicated, shared, static and dynamic IP types making it the best Netflix VPN service with the fastest security.

Netflix VPN NordVPN Plans Price

N.2 CyberGhost

The Best  Netflix VPN Service in the industry

  • Unblocks Netflix
  • Unlimited speed 
  • Accessible in 91 countries
  • Servers worldwide 7900+
  • Customer support 24/7
  • 45-day-money-back guarantee
  • Working on every device
How to Watch Netflix with CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN unblocks Netflix and it does it very well. No doubt, CyberGhost is now one of the top players in the VPN market and it is  outstanding when it comes to unblocking websites.

A huge pro with this Netflix VPN provider is the fast speeds that are perfect to stream content. Either for streaming Netflix on your laptop or watching in HD on your big TV screen, speeds won’t be an issue with CyberGhost VPN.

Moreover, CyberGhost VPN unblocks Netflix on a number of servers. So you can access Netflix USA, Netflix UK, Netflix Germany, Netflix France, and Netflix Denmark.

The company is based in Romania and has a strict no-logs policy. While CyberGhost is a great choice for Netflix VPN, it’s not limited to that. You can use this VPN to protect your privacy as well. If you don’t want your ISP or any hackers snooping on your traffic, get CyberGhost and go anonymous. They have custom apps that are compatible with all major platforms. Most importantly, CyberGhost is very easy to use and even novice users can use it effortlessly.

CyberGhost can be used on 7 devices simultaneously. This means you don’t have to buy a separate subscription for each device. Plus, CyberGhost is one of the few providers that offer customer support in English, German, and French.

New users are often worried about service quality. To put their minds at ease, CyberGhost offers a 45-day money-back guarantee and an excellent monthly price. This means that if you’re not happy with their services, just cancel the order and you’ll get your money back quick and easy.

If that’s not all, CyberGhost is among the most economical and yet excellent Netflix VPN providers in the market.

VPN Works with Netflix CyberGhost VPN

N.3  ExpressVPN

The best Netflix VPN for anonymity

  • Unblocks Netflix
  • Unlimited speed 
  • Accessible in 94 countries
  • Network locations: 160
  • Chat support 24/7
  • 30-day-money-back guarantee
  • Working on every devic
Watch Netflix from everywhere with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the best in the market. It uses secure protocols that keep you secure and offers high speeds that make sure you’re able to unblock content and watch HD videos seamlessly. They have a strong privacy policy and don’t keep records of a user’s online activity. While ExpressVPN unblocks Netflix server, you can also use it to access blocked apps or websites.

In our recent chat with their customer service, they confirmed that we could use Express VPN application on our devices to connect to a US Server and unblock the streaming platform – making it the best Netflix VPN.

Besides Netflix USA, ExpressVPN also unblocks Netflix CA and Netflix UK.

Their network is SSL secured with 256-bit encryption. They have over 148 VPN locations in over 94 countries. With Express VPN, you get a simultaneous connection on up to 5 devices.

Above all, Express VPN is known for providing 5-star world-class customer support. You can contact them via live chat and email, and they are available 24/7. If you face any problem connecting to Netflix with this VPN, the customer support will assist you in real time and will find the best server you can use to unblock it.

The only problem is that their prices are a bit higher than their competitors. But the quality of the service will not let you regret the few extra pennies. Moreover, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you ever experience the issue of Netflix blocking ExpressVPN, make sure you talk to their customer service guys. They will resolve your issue in no time.

ExpressVPN price and plans

N.4 PureVPN

The best Netflix VPN provider with amazing offers for all customers.

  • Unblocks Netflix
  • Unlimited speed 
  • Accessible in 78 countries
  • Servers worldwide 6500+
  • Customer support 24/7
  • 31-day-money-back guarantee
  • Working on every device
Netflix VPN PureVPN

PureVPN is one of the most reliable Netflix VPN with over 10+ years experience in the industry, and it has managed to capture a huge user base. Apart from the ability to access Netflix USA, you will love PureVPN for its apps that are very easy to use, and its features can be utilized comfortably by beginners.

PureVPN has over 2000 servers in 140+ countries. These include servers in the US that will allow you to access Netflix. And if there’s an issue with a server, you can switch to another server seamlessly without losing connection. That’s what makes PureVPN so easy and smooth to use.

PureVPN can access Netflix servers in the USA on several platforms including Windows, MAC, Android, iOS, and Linux. Also, it can be used via its Chrome and Firefox extensions.

PureVPN takes care of your privacy by offering a zero logs policy together with 256-bit encryption. This is military grade encryption that protects and safeguards user data from falling in the wrong hands. They have effective 24/7 customer support via live chat.

Buy PureVPN to watch Netflix

N.5 Surfshark

Low-priced Netflix VPN that works as a premium one.

  • Unblocks Netflix
  • Unlimited speed  (check symbol)
  • Accessible in 65 countries (check symbol)
  • Servers worldwide 100+ (check symbol)
  • Customer support 24/7 (check symbol)
  • 30-day-money-back guarantee (check symbol)
  • Working on every device
Surfshark Netflix VPN Working

Then, there is Surfshark, which is another service with pretty good speeds for streaming, and the ability to unblock Netflix.

Surfshark also has a pretty decent server network, which consists of 1040+ servers, located in 61+ countries. This Netflix VPN also offers a plethora of security features, such as kill switch, Multi-Hop, Whitelister, CleanWeb, and more.

It has affordable prices, and you can use it on a number of different platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, SmartTVs, gaming platforms, and even in Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Like all other great quality Netflix VPN services, it has a zero-logs policy, and it uses the strongest encryption and security protocols to safeguard your data. Best of all, it can be used on an unlimited number of devices simultaneously.

Best Netflix VPN Price Surfshark

N.6 ZenMate VPN

The best Netflix VPN for top-secret security and privacy.

  • Unblocks Netflix
  • Unlimited speed 
  • Accessible in 80 countries
  • Customer support 24/7
  • 30-day-money-back guarantee
  • Working on every device
Best VPN for Netflix ZenMate VPN

ZenMate is a Netflix VPN service that claims to have over 45 million users. The service has fast speeds and strict no-logs policy, and an affordable price.

It offers servers in 37 locations around the world, with 2600 servers in total. ZenMate’s prices are lower than what other top services in the industry tend to offer, especially when it comes to its long-term plans.

As for apps, ZenMate offers dedicated applications for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and it has three browser extensions for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. It allows its users to protect up to 5 devices at the same time, which is fewer than some on this list, but not too bad.

Finally, one thing that allows it to stand out from the majority of other services is the fact that it offers a 7-day free trial. And, if you decide to purchase one of its plans after the trial and only then you discover that it doesn’t suit your needs, you can always get your money back, as long as you are within the first 30 days from the moment of purchase.

Price to watch Netflix with Zenmate VPN

N.7 IPVanish

A Fast Netflix VPN but not ideal for streamers

  • Unblocks Netflix
  • Accessible in 52 countries
  • Servers worldwide 2000+
  • Customer support 24/7
  • 30-day-money-back guarantee
  • Working on every device
IPVanish works with Netflix

IPVanish offers one of the highest-quality Netflix VPN services on offer with its use of 256bit AES encryption, which is both secure and fast. In addition to this high standard for data protection, they also provide various protocols tailored toward specific needs so you can find what works best for your device!

IPVanish gives you access to an infinite number of servers across the globe, so your internet activity isn’t confined by location. This means that no matter where in the world they are located (and how many devices) family members or friends can use this Netflix VPN with ease!

IPVanish offers a wide range of resources to help you with any question that may come up. Whether through their 24/7 live chat room, phone line, and email support or the comprehensive FAQ library – there are many ways for users who need answers quickly!

IPVanish Price

N.8 HideMyAss

The greatest Netflix VPN network in the world

  • Unblocks Netflix
  • Accessible in 210 countries
  • Servers worldwide 1040+
  • Customer support 24/7
  • 30-day-money-back guarantee
  • Working on every device
HideMyAss VPN best Netflix VPN

HideMyAss has a large server network in the industry and an amazingly user-friendly interface. That’s a mix that makes this Netflix VPN connection an all-time favorite for thousands of customers around the globe.

HMA has over 890 servers in more than 190 countries. With such a wide choice of locations, you can access any kind of geo-restricted content. Plus, the new version of their client is super easy to use. HMA is highly recommended, even for inexperienced users.

HideMyAss has a 30 days money-back guarantee that allows you to try its services risk-free.

HMA Netflix VPN Price

How to Watch all International Content in Netflix with a VPN

If Netflix doesn’t work with the above-listed VPN services, we recommend that you:

  • try switching servers
  • switch to a different browser (Firefox is the most recommended)
  • make sure there are no IP leaks (you may use our Free IP locator tool)
  • check you do not have a DNS leak (you can use our free DNS leak tool)
  • try clearing cache

If that does not work for you, try disabling IPV6 in your internet settings.
If you bump into the Netflix Proxy Error M7111-1331-5067, you may read our tutorial on how to fix the Proxy Error M7111-1331-5067.

How to Choose the Best Netflix VPN?

Speed And Uptime

You need the fastest Netflix VPN servers to be able to stream high-quality video content. The added encryption by VPN services lowers the internet speed. It is advisable to test speeds on various US servers during the trial period.

Netflix VPN Server Locations

Go for a Netflix VPN with plenty of servers in the US. If a VPN doesn’t have a server in the US, it will not work with US Netflix. And if you’re looking for a VPN that’s available only in a certain country make sure your VPN has servers in that specific country.

Unlimited Bandwidth

If your Netflix VPN provides limited bandwidth, it’s going to limit the number of movies or shows you can watch. If you want unlimited bandwidth, make sure you switch to a Premium account.

Security Protocols

We recommend choosing a Netflix VPN that supports OpenVPN which is the most secure and best-performing protocol.

Many IP addresses

Having many IP addresses in the US (or the region you’re trying to unlock) is important. In the case of blocking, the service provider can give you another one that works to unblock Netflix.

DNS leaks

A DNS  can unmask your real IP resulting in Netflix blocks. They occur when the Netflix VPN is on and yet the requests to transform a website’s address/URL into an IP address goes through another DNS server instead of the VPN’s. When that happens, the owner of that DNS server can pry on your online activities or even log them. A good Netflix VPN should run its own dedicated DNS servers to perform the DNS translation tasks itself.


  1. Why You Need a VPN to Unblock Netflix

    When you subscribe to Netflix, your subscription is valid worldwide. However, you can use your subscription only to access the website in the country you are connecting from.

    So if you’re from the US and traveling to Germany, you won’t be able to access the US Netflix library. You can connect to Netflix Germany freely but the movies’ selection will be limited and some content may not be available in English language.

    However, if you use a VPN for Netflix, you don’t need to worry about your location. The VPN will hide your real IP address so that the location you are connecting from will not be visible. At the same time the VPN will assign you a new IP address from the country where the VPN server is.

  2. How does Netflix Detect VPN or Proxy?

    Accessing one country’s Netflix from another country requires you to connect to a server that is located in the country whose Netflix you wish to watch. By connecting to a server, you get a new, server-owned IP address that allows you to appear to be located in the same place as the server itself.

    However, if more people end up doing this with the same server at the same time, it won’t be long before Netflix’s systems figure out that something is wrong. With multiple people using the same address to connect to Netflix and watch its content, the service quickly figures out that this must be a VPN-owned IP, which is then blocked. 

    As a result, you will lose your ability to stream Netflix content, which is why Netflix VPNs tend to constantly fight the same battle of replacing servers and addresses in order to replace the ones that do not work anymore.

  3. Why Netflix Bans VPNs?

    The reason behind this block is related to copyright issues.Movie producers want to maximize their profits and so they license their content to the highest bidder. If Netflix finds out that many users from a particular region are interested in a specific show or movie, it bids for the territorial license for the area.

    Due to the fragmented global licensing and audience interest, there are different shows and movies available for streaming in various countries. The US content is enormous and thus tempts users in other locations to rely on VPN service to unblock the US Netflix catalog.

    Using the Netflix VPN connection to bypass censorship breaks the platform’s terms of service as well as its agreements with content providers. To access any library, you still need to have a regular subscription. When movies licensed for a specific region are accessed by users from other areas, content owners don’t get paid for the views.

  4. Can I Use a Free VPN for Netflix

    Free VPNs do exist, and they are likely to let you browse through the majority of online content that you could not access before. However, they are unlikely to work most of the time. Free Netflix VPNs do not invest money at all. Therefore, they are too slow to be used for streaming and not equipped to bypass such blocks.

  5. I get Troubleshooting Netflix VPN

    We often receive emails from our readers experiencing problems streaming Netflix US even with the VPNs on our list. As discussed earlier, the VPNs mentioned by us might get blocked. But mostly, the problem is just temporary.

    As soon as a server gets blocked, the VPN company gets up and fixes the problem so its users can enjoy unrestricted streaming content. In a few days, the VPN provider gets to go around the block again and you will get access again.

    However, most of the time, the problem might be because of the settings on the device you are using.

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      Where you live is important if you live in countries with a strong censorship like China, Turkey, UAE and so on. In this case you need to make sure the VPN you buy works in the country where you live.
      In any other case, most important is to check if the VPN has servers in the countries where you want to access websites. For instance, if you buy a VPN because you love to watch BBC iPlayer, you need to make sure the VPN has servers in the UK.


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