What are the Best VPN in 2018?

We listed below the VPN that made it to the top of our ranking.

ExpressVPN - Anonymster's Choice!

  • Most Secure VPN
  • Super Fast Connection Speed
  • No-Logs
  • P2P & BitTorrent Allowed
  • Kill-Switch
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • User-Friendly
  • 5 Devices With One Subscription
  • Excellent Customer Support 24/7 Live Chat
  • Smart DNS Included

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HideMyAss VPN

The most user-friendly VPN on the market. Exceptional connection speed and a massive VPN server network. 30-day money back guarantee.

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CyberGhost VPN

Excellent privacy protection and great connection speed. The perfect choice for torrenting. Great value for money. 30-day money back guarantee.

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Hidester VPN

Excellent privacy and VPN servers optimized to bypass censorship. P2P and BitTorrent download allowed. 7-day money back guarantee.

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IPVanish VPN

A super-reliable VPN service that owns all its VPN network. A great choice if you look for privacy and reliability. 7-day money back guarantee.

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Great value for money. Excellent performances and privacy. 30-day money back guarantee.

Pure VPN

Excellent price for a reliable and well performing VPN service. 7-day money back guarantee.


LeVPN Review, best VPN review, LeVPN opinion, LeVPN review and speed testA VPN service optimized for online streaming. A good security level. 7-day money back guarantee.

Hide.me VPN

Highly compatible with all devices. P2P and BitTorrent download allowed. 14-day money back guarantee.

Private Internet Access VPN

Meilleur VPN pour Popcorn TimeExcellent price for a VPN service that will not disappoint you. 7-day money back guarantee.

Strong VPN

A good VPN service to unblock content worldwide and protect your privacy. 5-day money back guarantee.

Our TOP 5 VPN Ranking

Many users need a VPN to protect themselves while taking care of normal daily activities online like reading emails, home banking, shopping online, reading news and so on. If that reflects your Internet habits, these are the best 5 VPN providers you can choose from. They are well known for strong encryption, high-security level, and user-friendly apps.

Best VPN Connection No-Logs

If you are looking for total safety, you need a no-logs VPN. These VPN connections are based in Countries where the government doesn’t request them to keep track of your Internet activities. Even in the case of a legal investigation, these no-logs VPN cannot provide the authority with details of your Internet history simply because it doesn’t exist in their databases.

Best VPN Connection For BitTorrent

If you love P2P file sharing and BitTorrent you need a VPN with specific features. The VPN connection needs to support BitTorrent first of all. Then, it has to be fast, has a strong encryption and guarantees your privacy keeping no-logs of your activity. These are some of the key features you have to look for in the best VPN for BitTorrent.

Best VPN Connection For Streaming

Accessing streaming content online helps you to enjoy the Internet to the full. Most of the streaming content you are looking for can be hosted on websites outside your country and therefore geo-restricted. In this case, you need a VPN that is fast, able to unlock geo-restricted content and has servers in the top Countries around the globe.

Best VPN Connection For Netflix USA

Accessing Netflix when you are abroad is not possible. Once you leave your Country, Netflix will let you access only the website they have in the Country from which you are connecting, if there is any. That’s true even if you pay a regular subscription. So if you are for instance traveling or living abroad and you want to access the US Netflix Library, you need a VPN that unlock Netflix. Only a few of them work for that purpose, and you will find the best VPN for Netflix in this section.

Best VPN Connection For Sports

Sports lovers, this section is for you. Using a VPN connection, you can always follow your favorite team or sports wherever you are around the globe. For that purpose, you need a VPN connection fast enough to stream contents without annoying buffering. The VPN provider needs even to have at your disposal an excellent network of VPN servers in the countries where the sports are broadcasted. Here you will find the best VPN providers for sports.

Best VPN Connection For Gaming

If you are in the habit of playing games online, you need a VPN connection with specific features. To make your online gaming experience amazing, you need a super fast and reliable VPN that guarantees you a high level of encryption, low ping, and Tier-1 network. These are some of the features that you need and that you will find in the VPN services we selected for you.

How To Choose The Best VPN Connection

So you’re getting concerned about your privacy and digital safety. You have realized that the only way to protect yourself is through a VPN. Now the next question popping up in your mind is: What is the best VPN connection on the market?

That’s a good question. Looking for a VPN can be confusing. VPNs are riding the wave of ever increasing online security issues all across the globe, so the VPN market is booming. You may find many VPN providers claiming to be the greatest service ever. Some have been in the business for a long time while many others are just brand new.

Which one should you trust? What factors should you consider as you shop around?

Is it the speed? The encryption algorithm? Do the years in the business matter?

All these are important aspects you need to consider, but the bottom line is that it doesn’t exist a single top VPN service.

As you surf through the pages of Anonymster, you will see that VPNs like ExpressVPN, VyprVPN, NordVPN, HideMyAss, Private Internet Access and more are often featured. These are some of the greatest VPN connections out there and the ones that Anonymster team use daily.

But as far as the best VPN service, it all depends on you. Exactly, you are a key factor in choosing your VPN connection.

Even if you go for one of the greatest VPN providers, each one of them has unique characteristics that may or may not suite your needs. That’s why what is good for me can be pretty ugly for you.

So, even before exploring the VPN world you need to answer this important question:

Why do I need a VPN?

Let’s see how we can assist you

Why Do You Need A VPN?

A primary reason why you should consider a VPN is your online safety. The digital world is becoming more dangerous every passing month.

More people than you think are trying to spy your secrets. Government agencies, hackers, identity thieves and cyber criminals just to mention some are interested in your personal data. They can make money breaking into your personal accounts like, for instance, your home banking or selling your personal information or passwords to third parties.

If your devices have not been hacked yet, they will be in the future.

Our personal suggestion is to never compromise on security.

Security has to be a major factor when you choose a VPN connection. Make sure your data is protected by the strongest encryption algorithm like, for instance, the military-grade 256-bit AES. A top VPN provider should support even the safest VPN protocols like OpenVPN.

Never use free VPNs for important tasks that involve personal data. Free VPNs are not all bad, but they cannot guarantee your privacy.

Keep in mind that VPN providers become the guardian of your secrets. They must be reliable.

All too often, free VPN sell your personal data to third parties to raise the money needed to keep their service running and creating therefore a serious breach into your security.

What Do You Need A VPN For?

Now, when it comes to security, all the big names in the VPN industry can guarantee you a fantastic level of protection. If you go for services like VyprVPN, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, HideMyAss, hide.me, PIA VPN or IP Vanish you will be totally safe.

So now the next question has to do with your Internet habits.

What do you usually do online?

This is an important question because each best VPN connection has unique characteristics that make it particularly good for specific tasks.

For instance, do you love to access Netflix USA while traveling abroad? ExpressVPN, NordVPN, VyprVPN, and HideMyAss will fit your needs, but if you go for IPvanish or Private Internet Access VPN, you will be disappointed.

Do you love BitTorrent? It means you need to make sure first of all that the VPN support P2P and BitTorrent download. Not only that. HideMyAss, for instance, cannot be your choice. The company keeps some logs of your activity so, even though their service it is excellent, for BitTorrent it is not good since it doesn’t guarantee total anonymity.

Again, where are located the websites you want to access through a VPN? You need to find a VPN that has servers in these very Country if not the VPN will be utterly useless to you.

You need then to consider even the heavy Internet censorship you may face in some countries like China and Turkey. Some of the best VPN service we mentioned before do not work in those countries since the government has been able to ban them. So if you need to connect from over there, you need to make sure not only that the VPN is the best one but that it works in that particular location.

These are just some of the factors you need to consider when buying your VPN.

Other variables are:

  • speed
  • compatibility with your devices
  • user-friendliness
  • if the VPN keep-logs or not
  • if you can pay with Bitcoins to enhance the privacy
  • if they have a 24/7 customer support
  • if it has a kill switch
  • how many devices you can connect simultaneously
  • more….

Do you now understand why we said that you are a key factor in determining which one is the best VPN provider?

How To Choose The Best VPN Connection

All that may sound quite confusing, and it actually is if you are approaching the VPN market for the first time.

That’s why Anonymster is here to assist you. We review each VPN service and highlight both the strong and weak points.

What we try to do is to have an approach as basic as possible to meet the needs of users that do not have any experience with VPN or are not tech-savvy.

If you are a typical Internet user that goes online for general activities like reading emails, home banking, online shopping and so on, almost every VPN we listed among the best ones are right for you.

But in case you have specific needs like BitTorrent download, gaming, bypassing censorship, accessing geo-restricted websites, streaming online and so on, we have organized the VPNs into categories to make your research easier and more enjoyable.

So let’s start a tour of our content, and for sure you will find the best VPN service for your specific needs.