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A password manager is an essential tool to ensure your online safety and make your life easier. You just need to remember a master password to access all others passwords that are stored in a safe and encrypted database. No more paper notes or forgotten passwords. They will always be ready to use wherever you are.

Password manager iPhone

What comes into your mind at the mention of the term “iPhone Password Manager”? Chances are that you have several online accounts that require passwords on your iPhone device, and if you are doing the right thing, each account should have a unique and complex password.

Although complex, strong passwords are difficult to crack, they are similarly hard to remember.

Many users might want to go for simple and repetitive passwords but think of when one of your accounts gets hacked; all your accounts get compromised.

Instead of noting down all your passwords in a piece of paper, it’s much safer and convenient to save them in an App. Such an App is called a Password Manager.

You will only have to remember one password to access all your passwords in an encrypted directory. It is also very convenient since you can access them from any device that you are working on, as long as you are connected to the internet.


Also, with a Password Manager, you can create secure notes with secret information.

A Password Manager improves your online security a great deal. You cannot afford to be without a Password Manager.

How To Stay Safe Online?

Research shows that generating long, strong, complex and unique passwords is very crucial for online usage. This only means that if one of your accounts is hacked, your other accounts on different sites will still be safe and running.

Preferably, a strong password should contain at least 16 characters, have a combination of upper and lower cases, symbols, number and one which you cannot remember yourself. A good example is 63af6167s42N#7qre.

Weak Passwords
This are all samples of weak passwords

Note that, passwords should not be repeated neither should they be a word in a dictionary, your name, your phone number, ID nor any predefined pattern of characters. This gives anyone who is trying to guess your password a hard time.

Now that people will need to subscribe to a lot of sites and services online, it can get troublesome creating and remembering those unique passwords. Fortunately, Password Managers make this whole process easy.

What Is A Password Manager?

In the past few years, the password manager application has evolved and incorporated new and awesome features.

Today, a Password Manager allows you to;

  • store all your passwords
  • store confidential information safely
  • store credit card numbers
  • store PINs
  •  create Identities
  • create safe notes
  • synchronize with all your devices.
Password manager infographic
A password manager makes remembering your login information easy and improves your online safety

In general terms, a Password Manager is a software that will generate, keep and manage all your logins for your favorite site, applications, and networks.

Password Manager available in the market today, include a password generator and automatic web form filler features in their application. The form filler feature has the capability to automatically log you into your favorite sites and even fill your data when shopping online.

Therefore, for you to be able to generate a strong and secure password for your several online accounts, a password manager is ideal for you. A Password Manager allows you take control of your passwords chaos.

How Does A Password Manager Work?

Usually, the Password Manager application operates by creating long, secure and complex passwords for you and storing them in an encrypted database which could either be local or in the cloud.

The encryption is purposely to keep off hackers your confidential information. A good Password Manager should be able to sync your password across all your devices.



Though you should ensure that the master password isn’t easy, rather it should be long, complex, and unique. You are the only one who should be familiar with the master password.

Why You Need A Password Manager

Using your iPhones, iPads and other devices to store increasing personal information is common to everyone.

You can log into financial applications (such as PayPal), make purchases in online stores where they can use their credit cards and even access social accounts applications in their devices.

But, how safe are they?

Take a scenario of when your device falls into the hands of someone else.

Can they guess your passwords? Are your passwords unique for each account?

If no, this is one of the major reasons you need to invest in a Password Manager.

Besides protecting your lost device, a Password Manager will protect you from being hacked. Every day in the news, hackers keep frustrating big banks and companies. A Password Manager can counter all that.

Sometimes you cannot come up with a long enough and unique password. A Password Manager comes with a password generator feature that helps you generate long, secure and unique passwords.

This whole article is dedicated to explaining how important a Password Manager is to your online security and also provide suggestions for the best Password Managers for iPhone devices.

How To Choose The Best Password Manager

Usually, when we talk about Password Managers, they questions that come up are:

  1. Which is the best Password Manager?
  2. Which is the most secure Password Manager for iPhone and iPad devices?

I will discuss the best Password Managers for iPhone later.

There are a number of things you check before settling to one password manager. The following parameters will make a good choice:

  • Whether the Password Manager supports all platforms, you may need to use.
  • Whether the Password Manager has local or cloud storage. Cloud storage could be preferred as it makes synchronization across all your devices easier.
  • Whether the Password Manager has two-factor authentication options such as PIN or fingerprint.

It is important to take some time before making a choice since, to access full features, most Password Managers have to be paid for.

Free Version Of Paid Programs

Sometimes users may be willing to pay a little amount for a Password Manager services; other times they prefer to use several commercial Password Managers for free.

It is important always to check out the conditions of Password Managers you like. Some Password Managers will allow you to use their application for free as long as you don’t sync across multiple devices.

Alternatively, you can use a Password Manager for free, but you can only save a limited number of passwords. Most of the times its usually around 20 passwords.

You don’t have many passwords that you need to manage; this tactic is ideal for you don’t have many accounts to manage.

In all cases, the paid version is obviously better than the free version.

Best Password Managers


1Password is arguably the best Password Manager for both iPhone and iPad users. The application is readily available and is totally free. This application is suitable for every iOS device user since it is full featured.

1Password comes with the following features:

  • 256-bit encryption security.
  • Supports Touch ID.
  • Both Dropbox and iCloud incorporation.
  • Password Generator (this feature allows a user to create strong and unique passwords).
  • Apple watch support (this feature allows you to access passwords on your wrist).
  • Password auto-filler.
  • Synchronization with your desktop application.

Just like other Password Managers, you need not remember the long, complex passwords; it does all that for.

You can always upgrade to the Pro model which costs $2.99 per month which is billed annually. The pro model allows you access special templates that will allow you to save bank accounts, passports and more.

1Password has options for colleagues or families who may wish to share passwords.

If you just starting to using Password Managers, 1Password is a good place to start.


eWallet is a Password Manager and a safe storage database that is supported by all iOS devices. This means that it can be supported by both iPhones and iPads.

The application operates perfectly and allows you to save passwords, important and confidential information, bank and credit cards information and other personal stuff in a secure place. The eWallet database is secured with 256-bit encryption.

Other features include:

  • Touch ID support.
  • Automated lock
  • iCloud and Dropbox integration.

eWallet is strong and ideal for any iPhone or iPad user. You can enjoy the full features of this application at only $9.99.


mSecure is a strong Password Manager that will manage all your passwords, credit card numbers, bank information, PINs and safer. It works perfectly okay on both iPhones and iPads.

The database where all your data will be kept safe is with the 256-bit type of encryption. mSecure is available in iPhone App Store and comes with the following features:

  • iCloud and Dropbox integration.
  • Auto lock.
  • A password generator.
  • Automated Syncing.
  • The application includes a browser.
  • Touch ID support.

You can get the full-featured application at only $9.99. If you’ve got a Mac or Windows PC, the desktop variant will cost an additional $19.99 to complete the suite.

This includes an in-App camera which you can use to snapshot information.


Dashlane Password Manager has similar cross-platform capabilities as 1Password does. The manager is subscription based. However, it is free to test it and even set it up. Dashlane comes with the following features:

  • Automatic backups.
  • Web form filler.
  • Password generator.
  • Synchronization across all your devices.

The standard version of this application is free.

However, if yould like to upgrade to premium, it will cost you $39.99 per year. Dashlane has a very attractive appearance on iOS devices and is very easy to use. This makes it ideal for any user.

5Password Wallet

Password Wallet is a Password Manager whose service is mainly focused on automating logging into favorite sites. A user creates a log in the card and then enters the URL of the site. On visiting the website, you will be automatically logged in.

However, in some browsers like Safari you need to copy and paste the logins. Besides automating log in, Password Wallet comes with the following other features:

  • Supports Touch ID.
  • Strong security with 448-bit encryption.
  • Capability to create multiple wallets (such that you can have one for social media accounts and another one for bank accounts).
  • Backup

Password Wallet is ideal for users with different categories of passwords. An example is a scenario where you have personal accounts, school accounts, and workplace accounts. You can create a wallet for each of them. The application is available at $4.99.

Bottom Line

Password Managers improve your online security a great deal. It is, therefore, important, to take time and adjust into their ways. Setting password managers in your devices can be a difficult at first, but it’s worth it.

It can be challenging to find the best fit for you. However, the applications that have been listed above are all free to start up and test them.

It is, therefore, best if you could spend some time and try them all out. This way you can be able to explore the features of each and find out which application suits you.

Which application you choose, is all up to you. Note to choose the one that meets all your needs. They are all unique in their own way, which makes one better than the others. That part is entirely yours to figure out.

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