6 Best Password Manager Apps

A password manager is a tool you cannot miss in your security tool box. A good password managers stores all your passwords on an encrypted database. Just forget about remembering all your passwords. Just remember the one to access your password manager and all your login details will be ready to use whenever you need them. We selected 5 top password managers that offers both free and premium plans and high security.


Best Password Manager App

Managing all your online accounts and login details can be a headache, but with a password manager you can forget all your passwords and make your life easier.

Sure, you can argue that if you use a common password, you will be just fine.

But think of if someone hacks one of your accounts.

You are right; all your accounts will be compromised!

You can also decide to use a password that is easy to remember, but honestly speaking you are just looking for trouble because eventually, someone will guess your password right.

What Is A Strong Password

How to create a strong password
Basic rules for a strong password

A good and strong password should have these characteristics:

  • Has a minimum of 12 characters.
  • Include symbols, numbers, lower and uppercase letters.
  • Shouldn’t be a dictionary word.
  • Not obvious.

Again, managing such strong passwords for your numerous online accounts could be a pain. This is where a password manager comes in.

How Does A Password Manager Work

A password manager app provides you with an encrypted platform where you can safely store numerous passwords and log in details.

You can easily access the details, all you need to remember is one password, and boom! You have access to all your passwords.

Recently password managers have become very popular. Considering all the accounts, you have logged in on your smartphone device, it is crucial to keep those passwords secure.

Especially with the rising hack incidences.

If you think you can’t afford yet another security tool, truth be told you can’t afford not to have one.

Research shows that most people use lame things like “password” and “123456” as passwords. Not to mention using the same password for different sites, really it’s awful!

Weak password

If you suffer from the above illness, there is a solution. Create strong passwords that are unique for every site and get a password manager to help you manage all your passwords. Below are features of Password managers.

Password Manager Features

Password Managers come loaded with awesome features.

Most of them will incorporate:

  • password generator
  • form auto-filler and
  • capability to sync with all your devices.

This means that, by using a password manager, you will have improved your security and you can access your passwords anytime regardless of which device you are using.

Basic Password Manager Features

An ideal password manager comes with automatic integration with the browser.

This way it will capture your login details when you log into a secure site. You might come across some that have not automated the password capture feature, but in turn, they will have a password auto-filler for secure apps and web pages.
Most password managers will automatically capture login credentials when you are creating an account. If you change your password along the way, they will also allow you to edit and update the saved credentials.

This feature will only work when you are logging into a secure site, thus non-standard sites may bring about trouble (unable to auto-capture). Some password managers have a clever solution to this problem by letting you capture the passwords manually.
Popular password managers will auto-fill saved credentials when you revisit sites you have saved credentials for. In case you have more than one account of the same site, the password manager will let you choose the account details you want to log in with.

Almost all password managers have the capability to import passwords from other password managers and browsers.

How a password manager work
A password manager store all your login details in a safe and encrypted database

Advanced Features

The primary reason for including a password manager to your security collection is to discard all weak passwords and replace them with strong and unpredictable passwords.

Creating the strong passwords could be a hustle too.

Luckily, most password managers come with a password generator. The generator will either generate a unique strong password or rate your password strength suggesting to you what you may add to improve it.

The best password managers will list all your weak password and prompt you to change them. Some will even go ahead and automate the password change process.

As some password managers can only auto fill credentials, most commercial password managers can also auto-fill web forms. The same concept used to auto-fill credentials is used to create a web-filler for a user’s details.

Free password managers are not likely to include this feature.

Two-Factor Authentication

Password managers work under the concept of storing passwords in a common database.

The security of that database is, therefore, the top most priority in this whole setup.

Two-factor authentication is the type of encryption used to protect the passwords database.

Two-factor authentication may be:

  • biometric
  • fingerprint (only for devices that support fingerprint input)
  • voice (not common)
  • facial recognition

Some managers will use Google authenticator or apps that work similarly.

A code text that allows you access sent to your phone is also a type of two-factor authentication.

More Password Manager Features

Most users have more than one device which they use to log into secure sites. For this reason, password managers come with the synchronization feature.

The credentials can be synced to all your devices. This feature may have extra charges attached to it.

Sometimes you may wish to share certain logins with other users. Not many password manager will include this sharing feature in their application. They argue that sharing might compromise the security of your passwords.

A few managers will allow you to share a login without allowing visual to the password itself. There are others that will even allow you to set the inheritor of your passwords, a user who will receive all your passwords in the event you are no more.

6 Best Password Managers Apps


1. RoboForm

RoboForm is one of the big names in the password managers business. It is widely used around the world by millions of users.

RoboForm offers a 30-day free trial to test the service. After that you have tu upgrade either to the Everywhere plan or the Business plan depending on your needs.

This is not the cheapest password managers but its functionality and its high security level justify the price. After all, all your precious password can be securely stored for just $19.95 per year.

Among the major features you will find:

  • One click logins
  • Strong password generator
  • Strong security
  • Password Security Checker
  • Web Form filler
  • Multi-platform support
  • Emergency access
  • Around the clock support

The price start at $19.95 per year if you go for the Everywhere plan. It is significantly cheaper if you subscribe for more years. You’ll be granted even a 30-day money back guarantee.

Visit RoboForm
30-Day Money Back Guarantee




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