How does a web proxy work?

From time to time you might experience some difficulties accessing a website. Usually it displays a message of the website being not available or the URL being blocked. Some websites are restricted in schools, colleges, government offices or IP restricted areas. If you still want to visit these webpages, a web proxy can be very useful.

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Some people might argue that a VPN connection can also assist you access blocked websites but VPNs are not free, even though they are far superior than web poxy.

In addition, a web proxy also allows you to surf the internet anonymously. They achieve this by rerouting all your traffic through their servers to access the websites since their IP address is unblocked.

Web proxies are easy to use, you just need to access a popular proxy website and enter the URL of the website you have had problems accessing.

A web proxy acts as an intermediary server between a client server and the web server. Your browser has to be configured to use a proxy first.

When you toss a request, it is sent to the proxy. The proxy reaches out to the website and gets the requested webpage and sends it to you. This way you don’t reveal your own IP address.

Below is an illustration of how a web proxy works.

best web proxy list

What is the difference between a web proxy and Socks 4/5?

Web proxy

In general terms, a proxy are entry applications used to direct Internet and web access from a blocked region/firewall.

Web proxies operate by initializing a socket on the server that allows traffic to pass through. Usually it is only a single server that is used by many clients who can access the web proxy. All clients can only access the internet through that server as a gateway.

Below is a list of tasks done by a proxy server:

  • Receiving requests from the client server.
  • Sending requests to the web server through a firewall.
  • Receives response.
  • Sends the response back to the client server.

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At most cases, a single proxy server serves a lot of clients accessing it. The proxy can therefore efficiently cache documents requested by all its clients.

SOCKS4/5 Proxy

When using a SOCKS network, each and every network application data goes via the SOCKS. This helps SOCKS achieve the following:

  • Collect the data.
  • Screen the data.
  • Filter.
  • Control all the network data
  • Create a network application data storage.

SOCKS5 is preferred over SOCKS4. SOCKS4 only connects the requests, sets up the proxy and transmit the application data. SOCKS5 instead supports authentication and encryption of data being transmitted.

Configuring SOCKS5 is also easier and in addition it supports UDP and TCP.

What is the difference between a web proxy and a VPN?

Both web proxies and VPNs provide you with anonymity while surfing the internet. It is just a question of what anonymity you prefer.

They can all provide you with internet confidentiality and break the geo-locations restrictions.

While they look similar, there are actually a couple of differences. The differences can be broken down into the following categories:


A web proxy and VPN deliver their services very similarly by acting as an intermediary, hiding your IP address and responding to your requests.

The difference is that a VPN needs a channelling process that establishes a direct and solid connection to you and the VPN server. A web proxy is simply an open port that anyone can connect to.

While using a web proxy, a single IP address is used by all the clients connected to the proxy (especially for the public proxies). With a VPN you will always need to log in and authenticated, and each client is assigned a different IP address.


VPNs are more secure than web proxies. A web proxy will only do a basic job by replacing your IP address with another not actually encrypting your data. With a VPN all traffic is hidden through the channelling method.

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Proxies tend to be faster than VPNs especially the private paid since the connection is undistracted.

A good VPN should be pretty fast but due to the structure on the network they tend be slower than web proxies.


Because of more technical & singular nature of web proxies it is cheaper to get the whole service. Today VPNs are also very affordable as they could go to as little as $3.5 per month. Considering the big difference in security level, a VPN should always be preferred if you really care about your digital safety and privacy.

100 Top Ranked Free Web proxies

Below we have listed the best free proxy sites.

  1. Hidester 
  2. Vpnmag
  3. HideMyAss
  4. 99Proxy
  5. Base99
  6. Sitenable
  7. WebProxy.COM.DE
  8. VPNBook
  9. kProxy
  10. Privoxy
  11. FilterByPass
  12. Nroxy
  13. WebProxy.Tn
  14. New Ip Now
  15. Zend Proxy
  16. AnonyMizer –  (14 days free trial)
  17. Blaze Proxy
  18. Online College
  19. Xite Now
  20. MyProxy
  21. IP Alter
  22. 24 Tunnel
  23. Proxy by Fruskies
  24. Proxy Hub
  25. FibreProx
  26. Dolopo Proxy
  27. SudoProxy
  28. Zalmoz Web Proxy
  29. AU Proxy
  31. Video Proxy
  32. Unblock Video Sites
  33. Free Anonymous proxy Site
  34. USA Fast Proxy
  35. My-Proxy
  36. SSL Pro
  37. Proxy ISP
  38. Youku
  39. Unblock Twitter
  40. Source Proxy
  41. Blocked Sites Access
  42. Super1 Proxy
  43. My Proxy Site
  44. Toolur
  45. Unblock Pakistan
  46. SSL Secure Proxy
  47. Proxy GIZLEN
  48. 4Proxy
  49. ProxProx
  50. Turbo Hide
  51. Your Proxy
  52. Prox Free
  53. Proxy Pronto
  54. Nqma
  55. Hide me
  56. FastP
  57. Me Hide
  58. Fish Proxy
  59. Free Ninja Proxy
  60. Exiost Proxy
  61. Ploxey
  62. Much Proxy
  63. Online Proxy
  64. 2Proxy
  65. Proxy for Play
  66. Web Proxy US
  67. Web Proxy USA
  68. Open Surf 
  69. Fiber Proxy
  70. Need Unblock
  71. Zero Tunnel
  72. Open This
  73. Undo Filters
  74. Proxy Arabic
  75. A Web Proxy
  76. Secure Web Proxy
  77. You Can Hide
  78. Digging Tunnels
  79. Proxy
  80. All Unblocked
  81. Yxor Proxy
  82. Buqd
  83. Proxtik
  84. Mahnor
  85. Proxy Time
  86. My Web Proxy
  87. Unblock Surf Proxy
  88. China Grows
  89. By Pass Key
  90. Unblock Proxy
  91. Proxy Toolur
  92. IP Disguiser
  93. Proximize
  94. Wossow
  95. Whoer
  96. Unblock my Web
  97. Proxysite
  98. Proxify   (3 days trial)
  99. Hide N Seek
  100. Anonymouse
  101. Orange Proxy

All the listed proxy sites are safe to use, though a much safer option is using a VPN


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