AVG Antivirus Review : Is AVG the Best Free Antivirus Software?

AVG AntiVirus is one of the most widely praised free antiviruses that is out in 2018. Edited by AVG Technologies, a subsidiary of Avast, AVG Antivirus is trusted by thousands of people around the world to protect their computers and mobile devices from viruses, malware, spyware and all the other threats that exist online. The fact that AVG Antivirus is free is good, but it’s not enough. That’s why we have decided to do this AVG Antivirus review and find out what this antivirus is really worth.

AVG antivirus review logo
AVG offers a free antivirus software of good quality

To Sum Up (AVG Antivirus Review)

AVG Antivirus is a smooth running antivirus software that will protect your computer from security threats without impacting the performances of the OS too much.

However, be ready to deal with very regular incentives to upgrade to the premium version of AVG. To sum up, this free antivirus will suit all those who need a decent protection but do not want to pay for it.

If you’re an IT security freak who likes tuning the finer details of the antivirus and regroup all security functions in one control panel, you might want to upgrade to something else.

Should I Use An Antivirus On My PC?

Of course! Now that more and more devices are connected to the internet and that networks are used daily by most people in the developed worlds, hackers and criminals are getting more interested than ever in malware and viruses.

This is also due to the fact that as more and more payments are processed over the internet, and more of our lives is updated on social media and so on, it becomes more interesting and profitable for hackers to try to collect information about internet users.

So in short, YES, you really should be using an antivirus, as you probably know. There is no need to pay for that if your computer is using Windows or OS X. Indeed, AVG is available for those two operating systems.

This AVG Antivirus review mainly applies to Windows operating computers (we tested the software on a Windows device) but it would be pretty much the same on a MAC.

Installation & Setup Of The Software

When we downloaded AVG for our AVG Antivirus review, we were startled to see how light and easy to set up the software is. Indeed, its size is only about 70MB, and in less than 5 minutes you’ll be able to set it up and have your PC protected.

Although it is possible to fiddle around with the settings and the configuration of the software if you’re this kind of person, all the default settings of AVG are quite adapted to a normal usage of the internet, and you won’t need to do any configuration work before to start using the software. Just let yourself be guided.

Easy and fast to install and set up. That’s one good point for our AVG Antivirus review.

AVG Antivirus User Interface

One essential aspect of a good antivirus is that it is easy to use and that there is no need to be an IT Engineer to understand its main features and know what to do when a virus is detected!

From an aesthetic point of view, AVG Antivirus is relatively pleasing and uses two main colors: black and green. There is a green check that indicates that you are protected. It will turn to red if something requires your attention.

AVG antivirus review software
When you see the green tick, it means you are protected from viruses and malwares by AVG

In the middle of the control panel, you can see 4 main icons :

  • Computer
  • Web
  • Identity
  • Email

This is where you will find everything you need. If you click on one of those, it will show you options of configuration.

No need, however, to click on the Firewall and PC Analyzer icons. Indeed, they will only ask you to start paying an upgrade to the premium version of AVG Antivirus. Slightly frustrating, but it is only normal that AVG tries to promote and sell its premium version through the free one, isn’t it?

If you do not wish to check out the features of AVG Pro, don’t bother with those icons.

Privacy & Security

Protecting privacy is one of the key aspects of modern IT security. This is one of the reasons why we keep promoting the constant use of VPNs online as a way to protect our privacy and anonymity online.

One of the most used techniques by scammers these days on the internet is identity theft, where hackers will steal some of your personal data in order to pretend to be you and do some scans.

AVG emails scanner keeps an eye on suspicious attachments and AVG Antivirus is also able to monitor software behaviors to make sure that they aren’t collecting your personal data in order to transmit it to a third party.

If you are worried about your identity being potentially stolen or if you would like to protect your online anonymity, we strongly encourage you to look into HideMyAss VPN. Indeed, the brains behind Hidemyass are the same developers being AVG Antivirus, and they sure know how to do a good job of protecting internet users!

AVG antivirus interface
AVG Antivirus regularly scans all of your devices to identify threats and make sure you are protected

The security and privacy features of AVG Antivirus are quite good for a free antivirus. Having said that, one can only regret the absence of an anti-spam feature for your email, as well as a secured Web browser or the possibility to scan through files as they are being downloaded from the internet. Indeed, all these features are reserved for the customers of AVG Antivirus Pro.

A slight bad point for our AVG Antivirus review, but we do appreciate the efforts that have been made in order to adapt to the most modern IT security threats such as identity theft. All in all, AVG Antivirus does provide everything you need to stay safe online.

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Antivirus & Anti-Malware Performances

Let’s get that clear straight away. During our AVG Antivirus review, we realized that this software simply has the best performances of all free antivirus software, and is able to compete with the best antivirus software of the great editors such as BitDefender, Norton, Kaspersky, etc.

For the months of November and December 2016, AVG Antivirus was able to detect and place in quarantine 100% of Zero Day viruses (that means malware that has never been seen before by the antivirus as it uses a 0 day flaw, a flaw that has just been discovered) and 99.9% of known and well spread malwares.

These results come from the independent referent Antivirus testing lab AV Test, which is used by all comparative antivirus websites.

To obtain such good results in viruses detection, AVG Antivirus combines a signature scanning and detection technique with a heuristic analysis tool. It means that the software scans continuously your computer in order to compare the signature of suspicious softwares with the signatures of known viruses. It constantly updates its viruses signatures database in order to be able to detect them.

If this technique doesn’t work, AVG Free Antivirus is also able to detect a virus or a malware through its behavior and the way it works, which is called heuristic analysis. The one of AVG is excellent, and it is reflected very clearly in the results of AV-Test.

AVG Antivirus review; website safety test
AVG Free Antivirus will warn you when you’re about to enter a website it doesn’t deem to be safe.

Of course, it can be annoying when your antivirus keeps warning you about files that you perfectly know are safe. This is what is called a false positive.

During our AVG Antivirus review, when we used the software for numerous days and fed malwares to the computer to see if it would detect it, we only had the case of two false positives, which is slightly higher than some other antivirus on the market but still a pretty good result.

Better safe than sorry as they say !

Impact On PC’s Performances

What’s the point of being well protected if you cannot do anything with your computer because it is so slow? We understand that, and that’s why the impact of an antivirus on the processing speed and the general performances of your PC is an essential part of the judging criteria for our AVG Antivirus review.

For the needs of our test, we used a laptop with 1Giga of RAM and a CPU processor of 1.5GhZ. When we launched a full scan of the computer with AVG Free Antivirus, it did slow down the performances of the computer by about 20% of the CPU and the RAM, which is noticeable but not too bad either considering you’re not going to need to perform a full scan of your computer very regularly.

When AVG is not running a scan, you can barely notice its impact on the performances of the computer, especially if you own a decent and recent device. We had a general 2% use of the CPU by AVG during all our tests for this AVG Antivirus review.

This way, you’re protected by the antivirus while barely noticing it !

Conclusion: A Free Antivirus Of Excellent Quality

Here we come to the conclusion of our AVG Antivirus review. It all comes down to a simple point: it’s hard to be disappointed with a free antivirus of such quality. Worse comes to worse, you can just download something else or upgrade to the premium version, it’s not like you’re stuck with this product for one year because you just bought its license.

Even putting aside the free aspect of it, the performances of AVG Antivirus are excellent, its interface is very user-friendly and intuitive, and on top of that, it is easy to install and to use, as its impact on performances is barely noticeable. All these aspects make the software excellent, and this is why we have decided to give it 4 stars in this AVG Antivirus review.

The only downside is the constant incentives to pay an upgrade to the premium AVG Pro version, which can get a little bit annoying sometimes. However, this is generally to be expected when you go with the free version of an antivirus. After all, if they weren’t making any money on something like the AVG Antivirus Pro Ultimate Version, you probably wouldn’t be able to get the free version in the first place either.

Give a go to AVG Antivirus today after reading our AVG Antivirus review and tell us what you think!


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