ATMs Being Affected by Virus Tyupkin

ATM’s across the world are being threatened with the newest virus threat that is being reported. A Russian teenager is a suspect of hacking into ATM machines and stealing money. He is doing this with the assistance of the virus the world is raving about, simply called Tyupkin.

How Tyupkin Works

The Tyupkin virus is putting the ATM machine in maintenance mode, and then the 19-year-old could take as much cash as he wanted from that specific ATM. Banks were alerted about this virus about a month ago when they start suspecting that the 19-year-old is hacking ATM’s using the Tyupkin virus. The case is still under investigation by the authorities.

How Tyupkin gang tricked ATM

All that the teenager needed to do, is to plug in a USB drive or to reboot the ATM machine after he took off a side panel of the ATM.  One’s the ATM is infected with the virus, the cash is just coming out of the machine, without any further complications. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to steal money from an ATM machine.

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The Solution to Tyupkin

Most of the banks all over the world are aware of this new threat, and they have implemented a new security that will override any process that’s done to the ATM machine. With this security measurement in place, no hacker will gain access to a virus similar to Tyupkin.

But, with all the internet security problems, there will always be new ways that hackers invented that will make it easier to steal from banks, ATM machines and even targeting people’s bank accounts. It is really scary to think how easy it has become for hackers to steal from anyone in the world or to attack Hospitals, corporations and so on.

It is important to make sure that you have the best possible security measures in place to prevent any hacker from hacking into your account. No matter if it’s your business account or your personal account.

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