Amazon Joins The Crackdown And Bans ‘Fully Loaded’ Kodi Boxes

Amazon bans fully loaded Kodi Box

A crackdown conducted by Amazon on Kodi TV boxes has led to most of them being banned. This ban is not only for Kodi boxes pre-loaded with add-ons that allow streaming of copyrighted content illegally but also for other devices that offer pirated materials.

Sellers and dealers who have accounts on amazon have also been warned, and their accounts could get suspended if they violate the new policy put in place by Amazon.

The new policy states that “Anyone selling products that ‘promote, facilitate, or enable’ illegal access to copyrighted TV will now have their accounts suspended.”

Amazon has never allowed the sale of products that facilitate copyright violation, but then they had done so little to prevent it. Fully loaded Kodi TV boxes, therefore, managed to sale through this platform.

As it seems, this will not happen anymore.

Kodi Support The Crackdown

Kodi logo
Kodi support the fight against the divulgation of copyrighted material

Kodi foundation has also been carrying out a crackdown to eradicate the sale of this fully loaded Kodi TV boxes. As much as this ban is not good for dealers and users, it’s something Kodi is rejoicing deep down their hearts.

The Kodi service and its software are legal. Kodi itself provides a number of legal add-ons in their repository, which enable users to access free content.

Users can install these plugins that enable one to view shared content without violating their individual copyrights. One can use these add-ons to stream content such as Netflix legally to their TV.

They, however, do not like the public image put on Kodi and the sellers who load illegal add-ons on Kodi and promise the world to their buyers.

Fully Loaded Kodi Box
One of the many fully loaded Kodi Box that were sold on Amazon

Since it’s an open platform, individuals have used this loophole to make plug-ins that allow streaming of content against copyrights. Fully loaded Kodi TV boxes have gained popularity over the recent years due to their ability to stream paid content for free.

Premiere League Joined The War On Illegal Streaming

This huge blow comes shortly after the premier league joined the war on illegal football streaming. Premier league obtained a court order that will see many servers, internet websites, and devices that facilitate illegal football streaming shut down.

The raging flames of this war are already spreading widely and in the UK, authorities are already arresting individuals involved in this precarious activity.

Premiere League Logo
Premiere League is fighting against illegal streaming

The move by the premier league is meant to protect and also better its participants as revenue is generated when users pay for their live streams. This revenue can be used to build more world-class stadiums, develop more talent and also better the living standards across the country. Good move on the side of the premier league.

Other media industries and corresponding authorities will now be motivated to join this fight and ensure their copyrights are not violated. In consideration of the amount of revenue that is lost from over 20 million devices that use Kodi to stream live content illegally, this would be quite an achievement from them too.

Outcomes Of The New Amazon Policy

With the new policy, Amazon has already updated its terms and conditions and will not condone anyone who facilitates access to copyrighted materials and content.

In this effect, Amazon has taken down listings that showed TV channels, images, and logos that contained copyrights.

However, this does not mean the end of Kodi. With Kodi itself being legal and the software being open-source, there will always be loopholes to navigate through.

While access to some of these boxes will be affected, Kodi is still available online for PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Actually, pretty much everything runs Kodi.

Users can still download Kodi software and install it on their TV Boxes, including Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick. You can also run it on your computers and install any third party add-ons you desire.

To do this will however require you to have some know-how. To know all the details, read our full Kodi Review and guide.


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