Africa is Seeing More Internet Threats

The growth of the Internet throughout the world means that many areas that were once not worried about threats that are found online are now becoming too familiar with these threats. For Africa, where many areas are just now getting access to the Internet, these online threats are becoming something that is just as dense as the rest of the world. This comes after the findings from Kaspersky Lab.

Internet usage map in Africa

The head of presales management, Kirill Kersenbaum stated:

“Cyber criminals now don’t care about the industry and the country where they are targeting”

Due to this, cybercrime is not just something being seen in the populated and richer countries. It is being seen everywhere.

With that being said, Kaspersky Lab put together several statistics related to Africa concerning Internet security, which may surprise many people:

  • The rate of infection online is on par with Asia
  • In February there were 55,000 customers who were infected with malware
  • 18% of all users in Africa are infected with malware
  • It is believed that the sharing of USB sticks is the leading reason for virus infection being spread

So what does Kaspersky Lab propose to correct this issue?

For the most part, Kaspersky Lab wants to educate the people of Africa about online safety and how to protect themselves. The head of business development with Security Intelligence Services at the lab, Mikhail Nagorny stated:

“One of my jobs is to conduct education in creating awareness of the threats and also conduct professional training.”

This is one of the aspects that Nagorny says Africa needs in order to ensure that they are security conscientious and aware of the threats that are out there.

Joel Timothy is a writer who has a passion for tech and internet security and privacy.


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