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Anonymster was founded in 2016 by two friends passionate about Internet privacy and security.

The idea behind the project was to promote awareness about the dangers of surfing the net and provide practical solutions to protect personal data and privacy. It was the founders’ concern to explain Internet privacy and security in simple terms, making the information accessible even to inexperienced users.

Today, Anonymster is a team of over 15 editors, developers, and writers that keep on testing privacy tools and exploring new solutions to protect Internet users. We are scattered around the globe but our headquarter is in Singapore.

Our Mission

Our primary goal is to inform all of the many available tools to protect your digital privacy. Nowadays, protecting your private life while surfing the internet is not difficult and not expensive either.

You just need to know your way around and make good use of some simple tools that won’t cost you a fortune, just a few bucks per month. To secure your internet connection and avoid becoming the target of cybercriminals is most often just a matter of a few clicks.

And this is precisely the point. The Anonymster’s founders, Jeff and Claudio, do not have a technical background in Internet security. More than 15 years ago, they started looking for ways to secure their digital life. They were quickly overwhelmed by super-technical information they struggled to understand and implement. They realized that many inexperienced users were experiencing the same issues. Most just gave up on protecting their digital life.

Therefore, they decided to create a website that strictly adheres to the KISS principle. KISS is the acronyms of Keep It Simple, Stupid.

This is what the Anonymster’s content is. Guides and tutorials are so simple that they almost look stupid.

Over the years, several geeks and techies criticized our content and flagged it as not technically accurate enough. We agree with them!

Our content is not technical, and we don’t want it to be. Our content must help “normal” users understand that they can navigate in total safety by clicking a button. Most of our users do not need to understand the technicalities beyond a tool and are not interested in technical jargon.

They want to keep things simple. Every time we can help one of our users, it doesn’t matter how inexperienced, to understand how to stay safe online, we consider it our success.

Meet Our Team

CLAUDIO REED - FOUNDERClaudio is the the co-founder and chief editor of Anonymster. He is a keen advocate of Internet security and has been working on reviewing Internet privacy tools since 2014. He cannot live without his McBook, rigorously protected by a VPN!!
Image of Claudio
JEFF CARDIEL - FOUNDERJeff is the co-founder of Anonymster. He has been in the VPN industry for 10+ years. His contribution has always been invaluable in testing VPN services in the most challenging Internet environments.
MATT - EXPERT REVIEWERMatt has been working with our team since the first launch of Anonymster. He has been in the VPN industry since 6+years. He has tested a crazy number of VPNs. His reports have been the starting point of many of our reviews.
OLIVER - EDITORBlog editor and content writer for marketing, travel and technophile sites, Olivier is very interested in mobile solutions to improve your security on the Internet. He is the mind behind the French version of Anonymster.
ALI RAZA - WRITERBlog editor and copywriter experienced in security matters. His contribution is essential for testing the security and usability of VPNs. The results of his tests are a key part of our reviews.
Image of Ali Raza
SUZU - WRITER & TRANSLATORSuzu is a young writer and translator passionate about technology. She has a good knowledge of Internet privacy issues that helped her in translating our content into the Japanese language.
ISABELLA ADAMS - TRANSLATOR & WRITERBlog writer and talented translator, Isabella has an in-depth knowledge of the web and its risks. Her experience has been invaluable in translating our content into German language and adapt the information to this specific market.
Isabella Adams

Why Anonymster?

Partly for work and partly for passion, Jeff and Claudio, the founders of Anonymster, have lived most of their lives traveling the world. For years, the computer has been their usual travel companion and the only way to work and keep in touch with family and friends. Hence, the need to protect their private and sensitive data.

The problem of guaranteeing one’s privacy online has always united the two friends. Edward Snowden’s revelations in 2013 further amplified the sense of urgency in remedying this problem, which was clearly becoming more thorny than many users realize even today.

Also, spending most of their time abroad, the fact that the internet is not a free tool became another problem that needed a solution. How do you maintain your social relationships when a country blocks your favorite social media connection? How to kill time when you want to access streaming content in your own language, but it’s not available in the country you’re connecting from?

The issue became particularly hot in 2015 when Jeff moved to China and suddenly found himself cut off from the outside world because of Internet censorship. Like him, millions of users in various parts of the world struggled with the same problem. During these years, Jeff and Claudio discovered VPNs and became fascinated with the topic that It has become an integral part of Anonymster’s content.

Jeff and Claudio’s personal experiences and the desire to help any users going through the same problems are the reasons why Anonymster came to life.

How do We Fund the Site?

When we list and review a product or service, we usually link to it. If the reader follows the link and sign up for the product or service, we may earn a referral fee at no additional cost to you. This is how we can continue working on the project.

However, our reviews are never biased by this paid relationship. Anonymster is an independent entity and we present our audience the results of our tests, whether they are positive or not.


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